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In this section frequently asked questions are answered and some product features are indicated.


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  • SlideLine M (Ein)

    Can I switch from existing bottom-running sliding door systems from Hettich to SlideLine M inset?

    Yes, SlideLine 55 and SlideLine 55 Plus can be converted to SlideLine M inset.

  • SlideLine M (Ein)

    Can I mount the SlideLine M inset to the carcase without machining?

    Yes! With SlideLine M inest it is possible to fix the running and guide profiles very simply with the special SlideLine M adhesive tape. Therefore no processing and no screws are needed.

  • SlideLine M (Ein)

    Can I realise glass doors or aluminium framed doors with SlideLine M inset?

    No, SlideLine M inset is only suitable for wooden doors.

  • SlideLine M (Ein)

    What do I have to take into account when designing the cabinet in order to be able to use SlideLine M - inset?

    A recess of the middle sides as well as construction shelves is necessary. Further information can be found in the assembly instructions.

  • SlideLine M (Ein)

    How many sliding doors can I install in my carcase?

    Up to three doors can be installed and used.