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In this section frequently asked questions are answered and some product features are indicated.


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  • TopLine XL

    With which bore diameter do aluminium framed doors need to be predrilled?

    Aluminium framed doors need to be predrilled with 2.5 mm bore diameter.

    Please note the permanent 5 mm drilling requirements as part of the TopLine XL drilling pattern for positioning the guiding parts.

  • TopLine XL

    How do I customise and install the cover profile of the front most door?

    The TopLine XL plastic cover profile is used for covering the runner parts of the front most door. The delivery status of 2.000 mm length (inside profile set and sold separately) can be cut to individual lengths.

    Following formula is important for cutting the profile:

    length cover profile = door width - 5 mm

    The profile can be lacquered according the individual colour scheme of the door or cabinet. The cover profile can be easily clipped into the designated slots in the runner parts.

    For this the clips can be positioned in a flexible way - according the runner part positions on the door.


  • TopLine XL

    The position of the guiding part on the door is too low.

    It is important to maintain the fixed measurement of 40 mm (lower edge bottom panel to lower door edge), otherwise the system will not work.

  • TopLine XL

    Does using the height adjustment influence the function of soft-closing/soft-opening and lift-off guard?

    The height adjustment is completely decoupled from the damper and the lift-off guard. The height adjsutment of a door does not influence the interfaces lift-off guard and activator-to-damping.

    Note: only the damper base adapter, which is used to mount the soft-closing/soft-opening unit to the runner part is influenced by the individual height adjustment. If it is not easy to close the clip of the damper, the height adjustment needs to be lowered accordingly and can be readjusted afterwards.


  • TopLine XL

    The clearance between damper and running profile is too narrow and parts collide and make noise.

    One possible reason is a deflecting running profile.

    The solution for this is the use of the reinforced running profile (LA 10664). If this is still not enough, the cabinet construction needs to be optimised.