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In this section, the FAQs and some product features are given.


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  • AvanTech YOU

    Which decors are recommend?

    Decors for silver:

    • Fa. Pfleiderer: U1115 platinum grey
    • Fa. Egger: U708 ST2

    Decors for white:

    • Fa. Pfleiderer: W410 white
    • Fa. Egger: W908 ST2

    Decors for anthracite:

    • Fa. Pfleiderer: U011 vulcanite
    • Fa. Egger: U963 ST2
  • AvanTech YOU

    Will the wooden rear panel and bottom panel have the same width?


  • AvanTech YOU

    How to adjust the front panel alignment?

    Via the height, side and drawer tilt adjustment integrated into the drawer side profile.