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  • Design

    Can I use the Cadro system outdoors too? Like for an outdoor kitchen?

    No, the Cadro aluminium frame system is only meant for indoor use.

  • Product details

    To mount the panel, do I need to make a slot to fit it?

    Yes, you do. To mount the 9298847 panel, you need to make a slot. But you can get illustrations to do it.

  • Product details

    What glass thicknesses are glass display cabinet components designed for?

    Glass cabinet components are designed for glass in a thickness of 4mm.

  • Product details

    Is there a pivot hinge for the glass door with soft closing or stay closed function too?

    No, the pivot hinge is currently only available in a simple version without soft closing. Either the Cadro glass door lock or a simple magnetic catch can be used to keep the door closed.

  • Product details

    What is the maximum load capacity of Cadro wall / floor attachment 9303944/ 9303945

    Cadro wall / floor attachment 9303944/ 9303945
    Please make sure you follow our instructions in this regard:

    The load capacity of wall and floor fixings 9303944/9303945 depends on the type and quality of floor or wall as well as on the suitability and specifications accompanying the fixing materials chosen.

    Fitted properly to the wall or floor, we recommend a maximum tensile load of 30 kg per fitting.

    The mounting hardware provided is suitable for usual brickwork. Its suitability must be verified on site.