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    Is it possible to get the cover caps for the hinge arm with an individual logo?

    Yes, this is possible.

    A logo can be created either by printing or punching.  For further information please get in touch with your contact person for Hettich products.

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    Why are the housings for adhesive assembly not supplied along with the hinges?

    Often the gluing of the housings with glass fronts is carried out by a specialised company and not by the furniture manufacturer. Hinges and housings are therefore needed in different companies. Therefore the delivery is carried out as separate items.

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    Which hinge fitting should be used when using the thin door hinge in thin wood materials such as chipboard or MDF?

    For wood-based materials, hinges "for pressing in" or "with premounted expanding sockets" should be selected. Here, a secure connection to the door is ensured even with the shorter sockets.

    "Screw on" hinges are not not suitable for wood-based materials. With short screws, as they would have to be used with thin doors, no secure connection to the door is guaranteed in wood-based materials. 

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    Which hinge fitting should be used with solid surface materials (e.g. Corian) or solid core panels (e.g. Trespa)?

    The "screw-on" type hinge should be used for these very dense and hard materials. Here a reliable screw connection is possible with the help of self-tapping special screws. (Item 9 238 321 for drilling Ø 5 x 8 mm)
    Hinges "for press-in assembly" and "with premounted expanding sockets" are not suitable for these materials, as the sockets do not find a hold in the hard and dense material. 

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    Can the thin door hinge also be used for "normal" thick doors?

    The thin door hinge is the best for thin doors. With increasing door thickness the required minimum reveal quickly becomes very large. It is therefore more suitable to use the Sensys 110° hinge or the thick door hinge for normal or thick doors.

    E.g.: Door thickness 19 mm and Cup distance 4.5 mm

    • Sensys 8646i thin door hinge, minimum reveal = 2.3 mm
    • Sensys 8645i standard hinge, minimum reveal = 0.8 mm
    • Sensys 8631i thick door hinge, minimum reveal = 0.3 mm