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  • TopLine L - Gesamt

    The door support is defined by the dimension C. Is there a formula for this?

    Yes, the position of the end stop with dimension "C" can be calculated as follows:

    C = 32 - Door support

  • TopLine L - Gesamt

    Why is the maximum door support different for staggered and flush opening?

    As 2 different end stops are required for this application, which in turn have different dimensions and thus reduce the distance to the end of the running profile.

  • TopLine L - Gesamt

    Is it possible to determine the door support by offsetting the drilling pattern?

    No, this solution is not desired. By displacing the running parts, the distance between the two running parts would shift too much to the outside or to the middle, which could impair the running properties.

  • TopLine L - Gesamt

    Why can't I use Silent System with flush opening doors?

    In case of flush opening, the front and rear doors move 100% over each other, in case of Silent System Flexible 50 adapters have to be positioned on the inner surface of the door and this is not possible in this case. When using the Silent System Flexible 80, it is not possible because the stop pins on the runners are shortened so that the runners can move one above the other, and the shortened pins no longer reach the activator.