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In this section frequently asked questions are answered and some product features are indicated.


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    The drawer / pot-and-pan drawer does not open.

    • The front panel gap is too small (possibly also one-sided) and must be adjusted according to specifications.
    • The drawer is not completely snapped in. Repeat snap in of the drawer.


  • ArciTech

    Can Push to open Silent system be used for other drawer systems like ArciTech?

    No, currently it is technically not possible. This system is designed according to the opening and closing force of Actro.
    Each drawer system has its own Push to Open Silent set.

  • ArciTech

    How are the powder colours of ArciTech defined?

    The powder colours are specially designed for ArciTech. Therefore, the specified RAL colors are only approximate.

    • Silver = similar to RAL 9006 white aluminium, matt
    • White = similar to RAL 9003 signal white, matt
    • Anthracite = similar to RAL 9004 signal black, matt
    • Champagne = similar to RAL 7048 pearl mouse grey, matt
    • Stainless Steel = Stainless steel brushed


  • ArciTech

    Which decors are used for drawer bases and wooden back panels?

    Decors for silver:

    • Company Pfleiderer: U1115 platingrey
    • Company Egger: U765 silvergrey

    Decors for white:

    • Company Pfleiderer: W410 white
    • Company Egger: W1000 ST9 Premium white

    Decors for anthracite:

    • Company Pfleiderer: U011 vulkanit
    • Company Egger: U961 graphitblack

    Decors for champagne and Stainless Steel:

    • Company Pfleiderer: U1191 congo
    • Company Egger: U727 stonegrey
  • ArciTech

    Can I order the dismantling tool for railing, TopSide and glass DesignSide?

    Yes, the article number is 9140950.