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In this section frequently asked questions are answered and some product features are indicated.


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  • InnoTech Atira

    What are the differences between InnoTech and InnoTech Atira?

    In contrast to InnoTech, InnoTech Atira has a clearer, more contemporary and linear design. This clear design line is also shown in the side elements. Similar to InnoTech, InnoTech Atira is based on the Quadro runners.

  • InnoTech Atira

    Are there similar parts for InnoTech and InnoTech Atira?

    Yes, there are articles which can be used for InnoTech as well as for InnoTech Atira:

    • Quadro runners
    • Front connectors
    • Rear panels (Attention: Colour is only compatible with silver!)
    • Rear panel connectors (Attention: Colour is only compatible with silver!)


  • InnoTech Atira

    Are the InnoFit assembly aids compatible with InnoTech Aitra?

    Yes, the known InnoFit assembly aids are largely usable for both InnoTech drawer systems.

    • InnoFit 100 (start) = old version can’t be retrofitted
    • InnoFit 200 (Pro) = usable without any modifications for both drawer systems
    • InnoFit 300 (N) = after an installation of a conversion kit usable for both drawer systems


  • InnoTech Atira

    How are the powder colours of InnoTech Atira defined?

    The powder colours are specially designed for InnoTech Atira. Therefore, the specified RAL colors are only approximate values.

    • Silver = similar to RAL 9006 white aluminium, glossy
    • White = similar to RAL 9003 signal white, glossy
    • Anthracite = similar to RAL 9004 signal black, matt
  • InnoTech Atira

    Which material / board reference is used for the base and back panels?

    Material for silver:

    • Company Pfleiderer: U1115 Platinum grey
    • Company Egger: U765 Silver grey

    Material for white:

    • Company Pfleiderer: W410 White
    • Company Egger: W1000 ST9 Premium white

    Material for anthracite:

    • Company Pfleiderer: U011 Volcanite
    • Company Egger: U961 Graphite black