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  • Easys für Kühlschränke

    Can I use Easys for dishwasher?

    Easys can also open built-in dishwashers with corresponding front. The unit has to be fastened directly under the worktop.

  • Easys für Kühlschränke

    Can Easys for refrigerators be connected to the power supply for the Easys for drawers?

    No, this is not possible, because the connection cable of the Easys for refrigerators does not fit into the distributor of the Easys for drawers.

  • Easys für Kühlschränke

    Is it possible to use 2 Easys at a door height of e.g. 2200 mm?

    Easys works reliably for refrigerators and freezers with a door height of up to 1.78 m. In this case, the door size of the cabinet can be larger than the door of the device. It is not necessary to add a second Easys unit.

  • Easys für Kühlschränke

    Does Easys work for refrigerators with fixed door hinge connections or refrigerators with sliding door hinge connections?

    Technically, Easys is intended for refrigerators with fixed door hinges as well as for refrigerators with sliding door hinge connections.

  • Easys für Kühlschränke

    If two Easys will be used (for a combined refrigerator freezer) is it possible to use only one power supply?

    Not at all. An additional distributor have to be used plus two additional cables for connecting the two Easys units to the distributor. However, today's Easys set does not provide these components.